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The World Stroke Organization (WSO) was established in October 2006 from the merger of the International Stroke Society (ISS) and the World Stroke Federation (WSF), the two lead organizations representing the fight against stroke globally. The mission of WSO is to provide access to stroke care and to promote research and teaching in this area that will improve the care of stroke survivors throughout the world.

World Stroke CongressThe universal stroke awareness symbol is the stroke solidarity string. The symbol comprises a dynamic and versatile string that can be easily applied to a range of campaign materials and can visually be applied as a strong design identifier for the voice of stroke.

BBC NEWS: Democracy LIVE “Stroke Solidarity String and Supporting Stroke Survivors in Wales”  Click to view video ...

Developed by the Global Stroke Community Advisory Panel (GSCAP), the Post Stroke Checklist (PSC) was developed by an international multi-disciplinary group of stroke experts, including several WSO leaders, convened to focus on the need for improved long-term stroke management across the continuum of care. Professor Michael Brainin (Austria), GSCAP Chair, stated that “the need for practical tools to support clinicians in identifying long-term stroke complications and referring appropriately, with the goal of improving quality-of-life for stroke survivors, had prompted the GSCAP to focus on PSC development as a priority”.


The World Stroke Organization (WSO), its members and partners worldwide will be launching a global campaign around women and stroke on World Stroke Day 2014 - Wednesday, 29 October 2014. We are counting on your continued support to make this another successful campaign. Please visit this website regularly and contact your local WSO member stroke organization - ask them how you can help.

Why Women and Stroke?
Women have a higher stroke mortality rate than men. Six in ten strokes deaths occur in women, largely due to stroke occurring later in life in women, when strokes are more dangerous.


World Stroke Campaign Read about what happened World Stroke Day 2013 …
The World Stroke Campaign (WSC) provides education and support for stroke survivors, families and healthcare professional involved in stroke treatment, management and rehabilitation. The primary focus of the WSC is the annual World Stroke Day (WSD), promoting stroke awareness to the international community and working towards pushing stroke to the forefront of the global health agenda.

Use WSC posters, 1 in 6 Campaign advocacy brochure, or the Symptom Fact Sheet at your event or post to your facebook page to show your support in the campaign against stroke.

Brush Strokes: Stories from our community

Stroke affects both the survivor and their families. The WSC encourages you to send in your personal stories in the hope that other readers from our community will be empowered.